Increasingly frustrated by the uninspired alcohol -free options, too sweet and generally unhealthy available at home and outside, we decided that something had to be done. This is how our quest started to reinvent a drink for the new era of tasting, a drink that would capture all the complexity of the big ones, but without alcohol. Unwittingly, we found ourselves to reinvent the Spritz ...

It starts to be innovation and ends with good taste

Engineer and inventor passionate about cocktails, our founder Chris Wilfred Hughes embarked on an exploration and experimentation trip. The flavor, quality and complexity were of the utmost importance, and this state of mind led Chris to more than 18 months of experimentation and more than 100 unique recipes to obtain the perfect Spritz from Wilfred's.

The perfect Spritz quest
0.0% alcohol


Rosemary, bitter orange, rhubarb and cloves

A carefully elaborate mixture of distilled natural rosemary and bitter orange extracts, rhubarb and cloves. Wilfred's is alcohol -free, allergens without allergens, without artificial aromas, without sweeteners and without coloring, it is vegan and constitutes a naturally less caloric aperitif.

Wilfred's, an unusual British aperitif, preferably tasted on ice with first quality toned water for a vibrating and refreshing Spritz.