The idea of ​​the startup was born when our founder Christof realized that we always regret the last Gin Tonic the next morning, or that we too often be content to drink alcohol for lack of exciting alternatives.

There has never been a question of being anti-alcohol, but of having another choice at times when you don't want to drink alcohol. This is why we wanted to develop alcohol -free spirits with which you can mix your favorite drinks to drink, but without alcohol.

Along the way, Janick joined the mission as a co -founder. We both received many encouraging comments on our idea, but also irritated and bizarre faces ... And it is precisely these divergent reactions that motivated us. Society is still largely dominated by alcohol consumption rituals and we want to celebrate all the rebels with a free spirit that proudly join us to break these social standards in terms of alcohol consumption.


Global alcohol consumption is declining and millennials already drink 20 % of alcohol less than the previous generation.

However, there is hardly any festive choice without alcohol for situations of social consumption, instead of boring water, sweet silts or mocktails rich in calories.

In addition, you should also too often justify yourself if you do not drink alcohol and have nothing "special" by hand.

With our mission "freeing the minds of minds", we want to break social norms in terms of alcohol consumption and celebrate everyone's freedom of choice.

Mix your long, favorite longdrinks and cocktails, without a hangover!
0.0% alcohol


A base for longdrinks and cocktails

Typical notes of almond paste, harmonized with the incomparable sweetness of vanilla and cherry on the nose, classic taste of cream and nuts and finals slightly bitter, spicy and particularly persistent.