In a world where the food industry imposes its rules, we have created an alcohol-free drink that flows against the tide. Completely natural, organic and without doubtful ingredients, unknown to the repertoire of grandmother's recipes, Gimber is a unique mixture of ginger, lemon, herbs & spices. For more than 4 years now, this peps & bagou concentrate has been jealously preserved in the healthiest fridges in Europe.

Designed from organic ginger, our golden elixir is overflowing with the benefits of this superfood rich in nutrients. Versatile and full of character, Gimber is drunk just as pleasantly solo than mixed with other drinks & dishes. One of the pioneers of the alcohol -free revolution, he pours his full -bodied power in mocktails, cocktails, hot drinks & recipes in search of biting.

It's not just the alcohol that relaxes

Gimber is much more than a drink. It is a state of mind. It is 100% natural fuel that propels you beyond yourself. It is the full -length kick with ginger that releases your point from you the most unique. A wild heart and a sharp mind is what emanates from each sip of our powerful alcohol -free drink.

On our way to taste, we are committed to creating the ultimate ginger concentrate, Gimber. For us, this means to seek the best ingredients - and it also means to assume responsibility for the way in which these ingredients are produced. We believe in a sustainable approach to our production chain, one that respects both the planet and the people who help us create these incredible flavors.

Thanks to our choice of high quality ingredients, we support many Peruvian families. Thanks to our Gimber product, they can earn a decent income and build a lasting life. Join us in our trip - for taste, for quality and for a better world.

Gimber the kick who puts a slap
0.0% alcohol

N ° 1 The original

Gimber n ° 1 original is a concentrate of organic ginger with lemon, herbs and spices. It is 100% natural, it contains 100% flavor, 200% kick and 0% alcohol.

Ideal to quench your thirst during hot summer days or to warm you in cold weather. Gimber n ° 1 original helps you ensure a healthy and contemporary lifestyle in the way you prefer.