French Bloom

Fruit of years of research and development, this rewarded-free sparkling without alcohol combines technical innovation and traditional know-how. Made from French throw disalcoolized French Chardonnay and natural and organic ingredients such as lemon, French Bloom is both organic and vegan, without added sugar or sulfites, and low in calories. Ideal for celebrating and tasting, the alcohol -free french bloom white and rosé alcohols offer a fresh and sophisticated taste.

The founders Maggie Frerejean-Asttinger & Constance Jablonski

French Bloom is the fruit of a Franco-American friendship between Constance and Maggie. With this innovative brand, they wanted to create an alternative in drink and wine for those who want to party without limits or borders, elegantly, different and inclusive.

Longtime friends, Constance & Maggie who live on both sides of the Atlantic, are again in Paris in 2019. Maggie is then pregnant with twins and Constance pursues his career as a top model. Both are animated by a quest for well-being against and against everything. During shared evenings together, they make how nonexistent sophisticated alcohol drinks are on the market. The idea of ​​French Bloom was then born.

No alcohol -free party? For us, it's totally ... past!
0.0% alcohol


A mixture of French -pooping French thidy wine, organic grape juice and natural aromas such as lemon.

The mineral freshness, the aromas of pear and the tropical notes evolve towards those of the Granny Smith apple, slightly spicy citrus and white flowers.

0.0% alcohol


Mixture of French throat organic wines of Chardonnay and Pinot Noir type, organic grape juice and organic natural aromas such as lemon.

The rosé combines thanks and depth. It begins with notes of pink and cherry petals, followed by well -balanced acidity and delicate white fishing flavors and wild berries.