The selection of prestige alcohol -free creative drinks.

Nolo House is responsible for being the precursor of the No/Low category.
Revolutionize moments of conviviality through a selection of premium and creative alcohol drinks.

A willingness of the great-great masters of the impressionism

In 1863, the Academy of Fine Arts refused more than 3,000 works, including those of Manet, Pissaro and Renoir, breaking with the rules, themes and techniques of the conservative institution. Faced with this intransigence, the masters of impressionist painting rose their own living room to expose the fruit of their creativity. The Salon des Rédusés was born. This initiative challenged by academicians and official artists of the time revolutionized the world of art, which is still inspired by it today.

Like these visionary artists, Nolo House created a space dedicated to those who wish to break with the traditional codes of the celebration. We highlight the diversity and creativity of alcohol-free avant-garde drinks through a selection advocating an excellence know-how.

The forerunner of a new era of alcohol -free celebration

Innovative and creative, the know-how of alcohol-free drinks today reaches the complexity of the flavors of the great French champagnes or the character of a whiskey in the best distillery in England.
Nolo House aims to be the prescriber of these alcohol -free references offering an unprecedented sensory and festive experience with many benefits. These new interpretations of the cellar classics allow you to enjoy the present moment with those around you, while preserving your health,
And to explore new taste sensations.

At the dawn of this new era of the celebration, Nolo House wishes to highlight the pioneering talents that make up the universe of no/low. Much more than an alternative to wines, beers and spirits, these alcohol -free creations embody the subtle harmony of a meeting between the pleasures of the table and science.

The first concept store with exclusive alcohol -free references

After several months of intensive research and taste trips around the world, Nolo House experts have completed their quest to find the best drinks without alcohol. Each detail of the references proposed within our concept store has been reviewed with meticulousness. From the selection of ingredients to the bottling of flavors, our team has gathered compositions as sophisticated as it is confidential in the No/Low category.

Whether you are a confirmed delicacies or epicurean, Nolo House is the first destination you need to find a selection of exceptional alcohol -free products.

The forerunner of a new era of the alcohol -free celebration