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Saicho - 750ml
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Hojicha a un caractère umami profond et des notes d'algue nori, de noisette grillée et de fumée délicate, avec des tanins secs et boisés.

Hojicha tea in cold 24 hours (93 %), white grape juice made of concentrate, acid (citric acid), vitamin C, carbon dioxide

Umami · Nori algae · Grilled hazelnut · delicately smoked



It is made by roasting second generation green tea. Originally from Kyoto in the 1920s to use the remains of leaves, stems, stems and twigs, Hojicha is a roasted green tea from Japan. Tea has a deep umami character and notes of nori algae, grilled hazelnut and delicate smoke, with dry and wooded tannins.

To create the rich Umami flavor and a deep aroma, the leaves are roasted with the stems of the tea tree.

Tea has notes of nori seaweed, grilled hazelnut and delicate smoke, with dry and wooded tannins.


Go well with sushi and seafood.


Homonym SAICHO was a very famous Japanese monk. After studying with Tiantai monks in China, he returned to Japan in 805, not only reporting Buddhist lessons but also tea seeds. It is known for having planted the first tea trees in Japan, thus defining an essential part of the culture of tea known today.

Saicho takes up this spirit of definition of tea culture to proudly present you Saicho, a range of sparkling teas of singular origin, cold infused.

The forerunner of a new era of the alcohol -free celebration