Niets & Co. - 500ml
0.0% alcohol
32,95 €
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Améliorez votre apéritif avec Botaniets the King of Zero.

Juniper berries, fresh rosemary, cardamom hearts and bark of Sicilian citrus, as well as a mixture of 9 other plants.

Organic ingredients · low in sugars · without preservatives without artificial aromas

Herbale · rosemary · Thym · juniper berries


Original botnetiets

A gin without alcohol distilled with a nuanced composition of natural source plants selected by the highest quality. Botnetiets original is distinguished by its herbaceous aromas with a slight dominance of rosemary and thyme tinged with a touch of citrus and juniper berries.

Inspired in tribute to an ancestral recipe from 1887, botiets remains faithful to its classic origins. It is the only 0.0% alcohol gin that starts from its own alcoholic base, produced by a 7 -day triple distillation process, and not simply by mixing.


To be enjoyed lying on Tonic, Ginger Beer, or in cocktail.

Ideal for preparing cocktails traditionally based on gin.

Niets & Co.

Launched on the No-Low market in 2020, the latter had a dazzling success with gin lovers, but not only. Indeed, presented in perfect duo with the tones and mixers of The London Essence Co., The Gin botiets 0.0% was able to prove, despite the delicate health situation.

The forerunner of a new era of the alcohol -free celebration