Noughty - 750ml
0.5% alcohol
17,50 €
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"Disalcoolized and delicious"
Noughty rosé organic organic vegan wine has been disalco to keep the rich flavor of this beautifully designed bottle.

98% White Chenin, 2% Pinotage

Organic vines · Low sulfites · Gluten -free · Vegan

Freshness · Summer Bay · Mûre · Fishing



Produced from grapes harvested in vineyards cultivated in dry land in the Western Cape region. The vines are strategically planted on southwest oriented slopes to capture the fresh breezes of the Atlantic Ocean and the cold current of Benguela. Deep soils of decomposed granite, rich in clay, with good drainage.

With a fermentation from 14 days to 14-15 ° C, the grapes and juice are treated in a reductive manner to avoid oxidation and keep the fruity. The wine is left on lees for 2 months to add complexity. The wine is then a drink with a gently spun cone technology. This is done under vacuum and at low temperature to make sure that the wine keeps its body, its color and its distinctive flavor.


Excellent alternative to any elegant white alcoholic wine to associate accordingly.


Thomson & Scott Noughty was launched in 2019 and revolutionized the world wine industry.

He is revolutionizing the consumption of alcohol -free wine with the first premium portfolio of sparkling and non -sparkling throbbing wine.

Noughty has become an international feeling, their turnover having more than doubled from year to year.

The forerunner of a new era of the alcohol -free celebration